Peter Volwater testing GPS_4

In the last two weeks the wind in the Netherlands allowed also testing the smaller equipment for Peter Volwater.

Testing was done with the Starboard iSonic 90, KA-Race 6.3 / 7.1 and our 30cm GPS_4 at the Grevelingenmeer (Herkingen /inside&outside) and also at the Amstelmeer. Good spots for testing conditions in between flat water and solid chop.

At the Amstelmeer Peter did fantastic runs resulting into a new spot record of more than 38knt over 500m in the chop.   Link to

(Thanks to Peter Weitenberg for forwarding the picture)

Andrea Vanhoorne joins Sonntag-Fins

We are happy to announce that Andrea Vanhoorne (BEL26) joined the Sonntag-Fins team in 2014.

Andrea already used our fins in 2013 and had great success getting 3rd in the 2013 IFCA Youth Female Slalom Championship and the best lady at the Volvo Cup Sylt 2013 and 25th overall with very strong male competitors. Besides other excellent results in 2013 she also won the Belgium Championship in Slalom.

More details you get find here: Website BEL26

We and the complete Sonntag-Fins Team wish Andrea a successful competition season in 2014!

Windsurfing in Brittany spring 2014

Here you can find a small video from Choubidou showing some windsurfing action in a nice bay in Brittany:

Link to Youtube

Only Girls Windsurf Clinic

Sarah Hébert will coach a girls only clinic in the week before Defi-Wind 2014 in Gruissan.

One goal is to get prepared (surfer & equipment) for the conditions that are normally waiting on each surfer at a spot like Gruissan with its strong winds, flat water, sun, salt water and more.

Here you find the key data and more details when following the listed website:

Sonntag-Fins is sponsoring the clinic with our products for the price-giving.

GPS_5 rev3

The GPS_5 is now offered in the 3rd revision.

In 2013 we optimized the profile, outline and thickness distribution for less drag and robustness against stalling/ventilation.

Speeds are excellent and the fin allows easy access to the board's and sail's performance.

We are now able to produce this fin in the range of 180 to 250mm with a standard rake of 30°.

We recommend the usage in speed boards or XS-slalom boards in the range of 40 to 55cm of board-width.


A new fin designed for Slalom Racing. Tested and used in PWA and national slalom competitions.

Going in rough conditions, doing the best speed possible downwind and performing fast and controllable jibes are the most remarkable characteristics of the new SL-R.

The fin's physical design requires the construction with high-end carbon types like IMS65 and TeXtreme. These materials are the base for long-term performance and soft but durable fins.

The profile was developed for low drag over a wide range of AoA with robust flow and delayed stalling.

The unique outline in combination with the developed carbon lay-up creates a very rugged base2mid section and a more flexible mid2tip section for controlled bending and just a bit twist keeping the control in critical conditions.

We adjusted the profiles, profile depth, outline, thickness distributions and of course the carbon lay-ups for usage in the three typical slalom board sizes S, M and L. This means that a SL-R of 38 cm length out of the S-mold is different in the above mentioned parameter than a 38 cm SL-R out of the M- or L-mold.

We produce in length, rake and stiffness as requested by our customer.

Available in length of 30 to 51cm in Tuttle and DT.