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Fin Screw Case

Looking cross different fin and board manufacturer you find no standards for fin-screw length. So when changing to a new board or fin we recognize very often that we don’t have the right screws in our bags. If the screw is too long the fin can be damaged or if too short the screw can get lost during surfing.

So we thought about a solution and designed our own fin screw (or bolt) case with several screw length included. We switched to Allen-key screws for easier handling when changing the fin at the beach (many sails are using the same Allen-key dimension for the batten tighteners and often have a small Allen-key as part of the sail).

The screws and washers are made of stainless steel, the case is made of a robust plastic and the inlay of a CNC-milled medium stiff foam that does not suck humidity or water. One side of the case is equipped with a fin bolt chart describing the screw length and position inside the case. Of course one T-handle Allen-key is part of the “Fin-Screw-Case”.

29,90 €

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Sonntag-Fins Beanie

Our Beanies have an embroidered Sonntag-Fins logo and are wonderful warm and soft. We offer colors in green (of course ;o) and grey.  New colors will be coming soon. We will keep you informed!


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Sonntag-Fins Team T-Shirt

The original Sonntag-Fins Team T-Shirt made of soft cotton. Available with a Round-Neck for men or a V-Neck for women. Available in sizes S, M, L and XL.

18,90 €

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