Sonntag Fins Team Riders are the backbone of real life verification.

Calculations and simulation helps to decrease the number of development loops and to follow the right direction, but testing on water under competition conditions is the only way to get a final design approval.

The team covers important racing series like PWA-Slalom, IFCA and many national competitions.

Adriaan v. Rijsselberghe (NL)
Andrea Vanhoorne (BEL)
Christoph Deus (GER)
Dimitri Jahard (ES)
Fabian Blanke (GER)
Gwendal Richard (FR)
Jakob Kooij (NL)
Jacopo Renna (IT)
Jaume Riutort (ES)
Patrick van Hoof (BEL)
Peter de Wit (NL)
Shane O’Neill (AUS)
Teade de Jong (NL)
Twan Verseput (NL)
Wolfgang Draschner (GER)
Zara Davis (UK)